New Renaissance Technology and the Fate of Homo Entropicus

The issues confronting human survival can be comprehended. The fossil record of the humanoid sphenoid bone, reveals to us that each time that bone changes its shape, another humanoid species rises. It has been obviously seen that it is presently evolving shape, and in this manner the present human species is going into another period of presence. The inquiry emerges, would technology be able to give a tranquil progress into the further developed universe of our kids’ youngsters?

The appropriate response is a logical indeed, yet it will require another mechanical comprehension of morals, which at present isn’t a piece of our innovative culture. This paper gives the answer for that issue, which has started to be comprehended through a comprehension of another life science.

A verifiable characterization of the present human species, inside the domains of current innovation is required. The term Homo Entropicus is the right phrasing. Present day science, innovation, governmental issues and financial matters are completely represented constantly law of thermodynamics, or the law of general entropy, referred to likewise as the law of all inclusive tumult. Einstein’s comprehension of that law, which he named the Premier law of all science, does surely characterize a part of the real world, yet not every last bit of it.

The new life science has been well and genuinely found, and it obviously clarifies that the entropic energies of the universe are being adjusted by the development of awareness. This is correctly the truth that the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent Gyorgyi demanded. Nano-innovation has affirmed that this developmental capacity is acting inside the DNA, in rebellion of our old comprehension of the rot energies of all inclusive entropy.

The tranquil mechanical progress into what’s to come is straightforwardly connected with the optical holographic building standards related with the advancement of human cognizance. This can be exhibited to be a moral logical procedure by contrasting the new revelations in science and the first Platonic meanings of Western life-science rationale, which likewise, essentially, denied that entropy must oversee all innovation.

Established Greek life-science, spoken to by the Platonic custom of Greek logic, was tied in with intertwining morals into the model of reality proposed by the scholar Anagaxoras. His Nous was about the power of gravity dismantling particles in space together to make universes which turned in consonant spirals to advance cognizance. Sir Isaac Newton, in his unpublished blasphemy papers, utilized the building standards of the Nous molecule development, to maintain his “increasingly significant common logic to adjust the mechanical depiction of the universe”, which today accurately challenges Einstein’s uneven comprehension of all inclusive entropy.

Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, in which morals and business rehearses are looked into. Inside her account of Buckminster Fuller, is a scientific treatise about Plato’s moral disclosure, from which, she clarifies, Fuller inferred his synergistic life-constrain ideas, presently observed to work in rebellion of the present unequal comprehension of the investigation of death that administers the considerations and activities of Homo Entropicus.

We know to treat the Platonic-Fullerene science genuinely, as a result of Fuller’s earnest cautioning about building up the innovations of Utopia as opposed to Oblivion. Besides, in his well known 1959 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University, the Molecular Biologist, Sir C P Snow, alluded to researchers, who were reluctant to adjust their insufficient comprehension of entropic law with the lost Greek exploration of life, as researcher who were imperiling the survival of civilisation. The answer for this issue includes another logical comprehension about the rationale engaged with relating thinking about religion and human feeling issues inside the enthusiastic awareness of Homo Entropicus.

By and large, guardians who relate moral intelligence with religious instructing may choose to send their youngsters to proper preschools, schools, and universities that are related with religious educational cost. In grown-up life such understudies may choose colleges with religious customs, while others may pick those colleges that are alluded to as common colleges. In any case, when all is said in done, graduated understudies should all in the long run fit in with the acknowledged laws of science, be it inside material science, science, prescription, legislative issues or some other acknowledged employment. Customarily, a Doctorate turns into a proportion of capability in a specific field, the letters Ph.D. indicating Doctor of Philosophy, yet one with no true relationship with the Classical life-science that those letters are thought to speak to.

Taught religious scholastics should seriously think about that they can utilize intelligent discussion with their individual instructed mainstream heroes. It is of crucial significance for the two sides to understand that their rationale base has a place with the equivalent uneven understanding that is funsmental to the outlook of Homo Entropicus. Whatever line of thinking that they embrace to examine about their disparities, it shapes some portion of an interminable enthusiastic and logical illogic. Some may contend that it is preposterous to expect to have a logical comprehension of feeling and profound reality. This is off base, as the new profound or holographic science, unquestionably does grasps both.

The NASA High Energy Astrophysics Division Library has distributed papers contending that the Nous of Anaxagoras is maintained by a fractal life-science rationale, which is an incomprehensible idea inside the world-perspective on Homo Entropicus. Dr Candace Pert’s Molecule of Emotion, found in 1972 seems to work inside a general holographic condition that utilizes Plato’s profound designing standards to advance awareness. In 1990 the World’s biggest mechanical research establishment IEEE, SPIE Milestone Series, reproduced the numerical evidence that seashells can impart transformative plan data through 20 million years of room time. The material science laws included were gotten from what can be viewed as fractal life-science winding clockspring powers reflecting parts of the Nous torque drive.

The electromagnetic language of the developing sphenoid bone has been found to be equivalent to the lost Greek Music of the Spheres language, utilized for seashell advancement. Clearly, on the off chance that we need to know were advancement is taking us, at that point we should ask the sphenoid. Having taken in its electromagnetic language it at that point winds up possible to produce cutting edge survival reproductions through space-time, so as to find the innovation should have been created by our childens’ kids, and this will take into account our serene change into what’s to come.

On the off chance that Homo Entropicus makes the straightforward applicable quantum natural bounce now, at that point entropic fiasco will be kept away from, consequently Fuller’s utilization of the term Utopia. It is conceivable to contrast the Platonic-Fullerene science and our present out of date science to portray Fuller’s preferred dramatization between Utopia or Oblivion. The rationale base that maintains entropic science is gotten from the occasional table of components, synonymous with the all inclusive dangerous energies of entropic nuclear rot. The Platonic meaning of underhandedness, was that it was a dangerous property having a place with unformed issue inside the molecule. We may think about the situation of Homo Entropicus going out with either a blast or a cry. When it costs more that a barrel of oil to get a barrel of oil, civilisation, as we probably am aware it will never again exist.

It is urging to discover that on the 24th of September 2010, Professors Paolo Manzelli and Massimo Pregnolato were granted the Georgio Napolitano Medal by Dr Giovanna Ferri in the interest of the President of the Italian Republic for science investigate directed by their Florentine New Renaissance Project. Their work can be viewed as at the bleeding edge of the human survival science dependent on the adjusting of the new life-science with the present entropic world-see.

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